Bronze and statues of women representing motherhood have always inspired sculptural artists with a sensitive soul.

<< The natural state of motherhood is altruism. When a woman becomes a mother, she is no longer the centre of her own universe. She abandons that position for the sake of her children. >>

(Jessica Lange)

However different the cultures, religions, customs and usages of one country may be from another, or the habits of the animal kingdom from those of the human “race” … is there anything more universally recognized in every corner of the world than the figure of a mother with her child?

Right from the dawn of time this image accompanies us, reminding us of our origins in this experience of life on earth.

Vittorio Tessaro‘s motherhood statues represent this magical form of absolute love between mother and child in a classic and modern context.

Dressed in white clothes, nude or with jeans and sunglasses, breastfeeding or with a pacifier, the motherhood statues of maestro Vittorio Tessaro are always able to reawaken the emotion of this unique mother-child bond.

In this section you, too, can experience this same emotion; and then feel free to contact us for any information on our bronze sculptures.