Statues of horses in bronze, sculptures of bulls and other statues of animals: The art of Vittorio Tessaro fuses with the animal kingdom, showing its splendour in its most minute details.

<< There is something about the outside of a horse which is good for the inside of a man. >>

(Winston Churchill)

Where would Man be today if on his evolutionary path he had not been able to count on the support of valuable allies such as horses and bulls?

Powerful and agile, and at the same time tamable and capable of being broken, these animals have accompanied us from one era to another, as if measuring out the rhythm of our progress.

Vittorio Tessaro‘s bronze statues are intended to be a tribute to these wonderful travelling companions: horse statue, animal sculptures in various sizes, animal statues for the garden and for interiors…

Vittorio Tessaro approaches the bronze seeing right from the start the vibrant bull or the highly-strung horse which it encloses, hearing the neighing of the horse, its hooves pawing the ground, the quivering of its muscles, feeling the strength of the bull and its powerful breath…and he understands that the moment has come to give them form…and freedom!

Play your part in this liberating act by observing these magnificent creatures in their splendid details.

Then feel free to contact us for any information on our bronze sculptures.

Then feel free to contact us for any information on our animal statues.