Bronze monuments by the sculptural artist Vittorio Tessaro are often ordered by municipal authorities to enhance public spaces. Animal garden statuesgarden statues sculptures and and various statues for exterior sites are also often ordered by private individuals to make their exterior spaces unique.

<< The least that can be asked of a sculpture is that it stays still. >>
(Salvador Dalì)

Vittorio Tessaro‘s bronze art is also increasingly appreciated by municipal authorities who require to execute particular monuments in bronze to embellish their squares, gardens and public spaces, as a special gift for the community.

On the basis of the commissioning authority’s instructions, it is important in these cases for the sculptural artist to be able to “feel” and assess the place and the environments in which his bronze monuments will be positioned and with which they will have to merge in a sort of “architectural and sensory symbiosis” which must be as harmonious as possible both for the citizens who will personally be living in those exterior spaces, and for the authorities who have commissioned the work represented by the bronze statue.

Vittorio Tessaro is not just a particularly talented sculptural artist whose bronze sculptures speak for him; being the sensitive person that he is, and fully aware of the economic difficulties of many councils, he has consequently decided to reserve particularly advantageous prices and terms of sale for municipal authorities which intend to commission him to create bronze monuments.

The maestro and his staff are at the complete disposal of municipal administrations which wish to contact them, and will freely provide all the necessary information for executing specific statues for exterior sites in bronze, to enhance public squares and gardens in a truly unique way.

Also with the object of embellishing and personalizing open spaces, many private individuals commission various bronze garden statues from the sculptural artist Vittorio Tessaro.

In fact his bronze art is very much appreciated for the creation of magnificent bronze garden sculptures; particularly evocative instances are the animal garden statues: these are particularly realistic bronze sculptures which fit well into exterior spaces, giving real pleasure and emotions both to the people who commission these fascinating bronze garden statues, and to their guests who can thus admire bronze sculptures each of which is a truly unique, numbered work!

Feel free to contact us for any information on times, prices and ways and means to customize your garden, your exterior spaces and your house with the enchanting atmosphere which our bronze statues can magically create for you and your guests.