Statuette or life-size bronze statue, custom bronze sculptures and figurines represent a unique present for you and your loved ones to hand on to your descendants.

<< Sculpture, when it transforms the place in which it is set, truly has value as a witness of its time, it stamps its mark on a context, to enrich it with further layers of memory. (Arnaldo Pomodoro) >>

Have you ever thought of leaving a tangible sign of yourself and your works to hand on to future generations?

Or to pay homage to the person you love with a present which they will never find in any shop in the world?…

Vittorio Tessaro‘s bronze art also finds expression in realizing the wishes of his clients with customized bronze sculptures made to order.

The custom bronze statues are a truly unique idea to amaze the people that you hold dear and to gratify yourself.

Beauty, kindness, decisiveness, grace, determination, strength…whatever the quality that you want to emerge, Vittorio Tessaro knows how to talk to the bronze and how best to make it express what you want, giving it shape with customized statues with a character unique in the world!


Feel free to contact us for any information on times, prices and ways and means to give life to your statues, statuettes and custom bronze sculptures, even life size.