Bronze statues and sculptures on the theme of woman, artistic nudes, mother child sculpture, ballerinas; horses, bulls and other animals and customized statuettes made to commission. Production and direct sale of works which are unique, numbered pieces.

<< Living is like sculpting, you need to remove, to take away the excess, to see within. >>

(Mauro Corona)



If Vittorio Tessaro‘s bronze sculptures have also touched your heart and you wish to relive these emotions every day in your house, in your garden or in your office, renewing them and sharing them with your loved ones and your guests, Vittorio and his staff are at your disposal for the sale of statues and sculptures created directly by the sculptural artist.

Our bronze statues are on display and for sale in various galleries of modern and classical sculpture and artistic statues in Italy and the world.

Each bronze statue by Vittorio is a unique work, unique as the energy, emotion and vibration which his sculptures can arouse in those who by purchasing them become witnesses and custodians of an exclusive work of art whose value is destined to grow over time.


Feel free to contact us for prices and terms of sale, even for a customized statue made to commission.

Vittorio Tessaro‘s bronze statues are an investment which fortunately satisfies both heart and head.



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